About Us

Company Philosophy


The flagship brand of "Joy City"

The "Joy City (大悅城)" brand represents juvenility, fashion and quality. With shopping mall being the core component, our complexes contain other components, ranging from shops, catering and recreational facilities to offices and hotels, making them the focal points of their surrounding urban areas.

The holding of properties in prime locations with enormous growth potential

Most of the properties in the portfolio of Joy City Property are located in prime locations in Hong Kong and in first-and-second-tier cities in the PRC, with high value and investment potential. Besides, by conducting thorough and regular analysis on property development, Joy City Property can grasp the golden opportunity to expand new sites.

A strong brand and reputation

The commercial developments of Joy City Property are in prime areas and in large scale. Combined with the strong brand and reputation of “Joy City” brand, Joy City Property has successfully built a large and diverse tenant base.

Acquisition of premium land

Apart from acquiring land parcels through the general procedure of competitive bidding, Joy City Property also participates in primary development of land parcels or redevelopment of mature sites. With a thorough understanding and analysis of the government plans and policies, Joy City Property strives to gain first-mover advantage in the highly competitive business environment in order to identify sites with growth potential at earlier stages.

Leverage on the relationship with COFCO Corporation

Joy City Property is the overseas listed platform of COFCO Corporation focusing on the development, operation, sale, leasing and management of mixed-use complexes and commercial properties. Joy City Property is well-positioned to benefit from COFCO Corporation's long-standing working relationships with various PRC government departments and official institutions and therefore is in a favorable position to receive competitive financing terms.

Balanced portfolio of property development for sale and investment

Joy City Property has a balanced portfolio of properties for sale and investment. Investment properties provide steady cash inflows, lower its risk of over reliance on revenue from properties sales and diversify the source of income.

Senior management and operational teams with extensive experience

Joy City Property benefits from the wide experience of the senior management in overseeing and managing mixed-use complexes and commercial properties. Its regional operational teams possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of local property markets and business environments, which translate into exceptional operational efficiency and execution capability.


The primary business strategy of Joy City Property is to develop, operate, lease and manage mixed-use complexes in the PRC under the flagship brand of "Joy City" continuously.

In addition, Joy City Property will continue to improve returns from its commercial properties such as offices, serviced apartments, hotels and tourist projects and create value for the Shareholders. Joy City Property will also carefully evaluate its commercial property portfolio and, where appropriate, consider acquiring new properties with growth potential for development or disposing existing properties to generate attractive returns at opportune time. Joy City Property intends to enhance its position as a mixed-use complex platform in the PRC by implementing the following business strategies:

(a)Leverage on "Joy City" mixed-use complexes to create value on a continuous basis;

(b)Continue to acquire land in prime locations in first-and-second-tier cities;

(c)Continue to implement a disciplined financial strategy and hold a balanced portfolio of properties for sale and investment;

(d)Capitalise on strong fund raising capability to support the continuous development of Joy City Property; and

(e)Attract, retain and motivate talented personnel through systematic training programmes and competitive remuneration packages.